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Plaque Attack Review You Should Read

plakat kayuMany of you have probably seen Plaque Attack on TV and decided that the product was your final redemption in dealing with your pets’ tartar and bad breath problem. And some of those doubtful ones may have believed Plaque Attack was just another SCAM, as most of the products before it.

And yes, I’m one of those. Its easy to have doubts on advertisements on TV, a lot of of them don’t work like how they’re shown. But I was fed up of my dog’s killer breath and decided to try it anyway. It was the worst thing ever and I knew I had to try anything. And, boy, am I happy I did!

Many of you, pet-owners like me, would want the best for our pets. I am very protective of my two dogs. My collie, named « Classic » and my golden retriever, « Cinder », have been in the family for nearly ten years now and we’ve been through lots already. And I love them so, but its their raunchy breath that I could never learn to love! Classic’s breath can literally knock you over and Cinder’s tartar is something I could not stand to look at, never mind smell!

The tartar keeps returning even when I bring them to the vet for thorough cleaning two times a year. Not to mention Cinder had developed gum problems from our last session. And because of that, I’m now extra careful with their oral health. I have tried the classic way of cleaning, using brushes and doggie toothpaste but they’ve proven to be such a hassle for me, mainly when my job needs more of my time now.

I happened to see Plaque Attack on TV right at the time I got a bit desperate and would try about anything that would free my pets from their unbearable tartar and bad breath. Even with my uncertainties, I decided to place an order. Plaque Attack was giving customers a $19.95 offer for a 6-month supply and some free gifts as well, so I told myself this truly isn’t much in comparison to the hundreds of dollars I expend to the vet clinic.

The first thing that actually perked my interest when I got my first Plaque Attack supply, was the ease of application and the little amount of time I spent using it. Since it’s a spray bottle, usage is equally relaxing and easy for me and my dogs. Classic is a grumpy old dog but I knew he liked Plaque Attack far better than those uncomfortable vet dental clean-ups I’ve had him experienced.

My pets never demonstrated any signs or symptoms of discomfort when I use Plaque Attack on them. And I like that the product is made from all natural formula. Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert with dental clean-ups but they can’t possibly be using all natural products in a clinic!

I guess it was around the 9th or 10th day that Classic’s breath was beginning to significantly freshen up, the same goes for Cinder but given that she already had gum problems, it wasn’t as significant as Classic’s at first. It was in the third week that I’ve noticed the excellent improvement. Unlike before, Classic’s breath was a lot better–bad breath gone and his teeth looked site magnificent! And Cinder’s tartar stains were noticeably diminished! It’s been two months now and I’ve taken my dogs to the vet for grooming and their usual check-up and the vet thought Cinder’s gums were wonderful! Plaque Attack is the finest in the market so far and I will definitely buy another supply once I run out!

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